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February, 2016

There is a point where whatever you have been trying is just not working. I was at that point. Ideal Protein Diet changed all of that. I was introduced to the diet that four of my siblings had tried and were successful with. In four and half months I lost 50 lbs. solely by following the diet. Since there is no exercise involved, I was very surprised yet amazed of the power of the diet.

There were many things I liked about the diet. 1) I was not hungry! Other protein diets that use shakes and other low carbohydrates left me looking for food most of the time. I was not tired or fatigued as when I tried many protein- low carb diets. 2) The diet is so well formulated to enable ketosis that the body’s natural abilities to burn fat for energy are amazing to experience. I did struggle with the thought of not exercising; however, understanding that the formulation of the diet is so specific that adding an exercise program would only inhibit its effectiveness. 3) It is easy to be disciplined and follow it. I was able to organize my spices, meats, and vegetables so that every day became a routine, and therefore I did not have to struggle with what to do. 4) Being accountable to my health coach every week kept me honest and trying. Her added advice and encouragement makes every week even easier to get through. 5) The daily videos were educational, motivational and something to help keep the momentum!

As any diet, there are so many ways to sabotage your own success. Ideal Protein Diet is based on a scientific principles that have had years of research. One principle is to help the pancreas “reset” and perform better. The 2nd, 3rd and 4th stages of the diet allow this “reset” to happen and set you up for success. I found that I had to “reset” my mental state as well. I identified the times I overate or drank, and then substituted chamomile tea for those times of stress to calm me down. I also had to look at the food of the past (snacks, fat- carb laden foods, desserts) and say “that’s not me anymore”. As the pounds came off and my body “of my youth” started to appear again, then the cost, sacrifice and dedication I had to put in paid off!

I believe that Ideal Protein Diet is for everyone. If nothing has worked up to this time in your life, or you see the second half of life coming then you owe this to yourself. A person has to follow the diet as prescribed and work at it, but once you get into it and the diet it takes over and staying engaged becomes a thrill and pleasure. Go for it!


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