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January 2016

A short seven months ago as I laid back in my recliner in tears looking at Facebook posts of all the fun I was missing out on by not being with all of my family out of town at my great-niece’s high school graduation, I knew I had to do something about the 150 excess pounds I had added over the last 12 of my 61 years. Knowing I couldn’t manage the long walks in the airport (even more horrifyingly having to ask for a seat belt extension on the airplane) or join in on the hikes and picnics on the beach that were planned for the family celebration, I declined the invitation claiming I didn’t have the time off from work to go. I didn’t want to admit I was too overweight to keep up and that’s why I didn’t go.

I was regularly visiting my chiropractor for pretty much every joint ache in my body. She was familiar with the Ideal Protein protocol and had recommended it before. But, the thought of “dieting” to lose 150 pounds wasn’t something I thought I could keep up with as I envisioned the years it would take. I was seriously considering bariatric surgery thinking that was the only way I was going to be able to lose 100 plus pounds in a short period of time. My chiropractor knew ridding sugar from my diet was going to be the only way to get rid of my inflammation and joint aches and in her experience with the Ideal Protein protocol, she knew losing 3-7 pounds per week was possible and would give me the encouragement I would need to stick with it. So, as I sat in tears wishing I was joining in on the graduation fun, I decided I’d follow my chiropractor’s recommendation and give Ideal Protein a try.

It only took one week for me to know I had made the right choice. Just after one week on the Ideal Protein diet I shed 13 pounds! More importantly, all of my joint aches disappeared. I can recall after that first week looking at my feet as I lay in my recliner exclaiming, “I have ankles again!” As each week passed, losing 3-5 pounds and even sometimes six pounds each week only encouraged me to keep going. Last week, just seven months after beginning my journey with Ideal Protein, the scale read 100 pounds less then when I started. I have gone from a size 24 (XXXL) to a size 12. When I started with Ideal Protein my metabolic age was 90 and boy did I feel it. I had just celebrated my 61st birthday two days before my 100-pound-loss weigh-in and my metabolic age now reads 60! I can’t wait to see how much younger I become with the next 50 pounds!

I am beyond grateful to Ideal Protein, my fabulous coach, Janet, who has encouraged me every step of the way, and my chiropractor, Gretchen, for recommending Ideal Protein. It has literally saved my life! 2016 is going to be my best year ever! Thank you Ideal Protein!!


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