Albuquerque Ideal Protein Weight Loss Center
One-on-One Service
The Ideal Protein Weight-Loss Method
Accredited Ideal Protein Health Professionals
Dedicated Support and Weekly Follow-up
Weight and Measurement Progress Analysis

Nutrition Education
You will learn valuable nutrition information to ensure you keep the pounds off.







The Ideal Protein Weight-loss Method is a quick and healthy protocol with proven, long-lasting results. Our protein packets contain highly assimilable, high-biological value protein isolates combined with essential amino acids and are complemented with vitamins and mineral salts.
Lose 3 to 7 lbs. per Week
Primarily Promotes Fat Loss
Helps to Maintain Muscle Mass
Tones and Revitalizes Skin
Treats Cellulite
Promotes Vitality and Energy
Naturally Suppresses Appetite
Re-Establishes Pancreatic Function (Insulin)
Provides Nutrition Education

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